Thursday, July 28, 2011


 This is what I wore today. It was surprisingly cool this evening, only 88 degrees.
 This is a brooch I made today.
I've been watching Sherlock Holmes masterpiece classic series on netflix. It is so good. I've always been a big Sherlock Holmes fan, but I am just so impressed. I went to the roller rink today with my friend M. We both want to do roller derby but unfortunately you have to be 18 and I'm only 15 and she's 17. So we're just practicing for now. Well we were there was a guy who looked like he was in 5th grade well he took a liking to me. When I was getting ready to leave some of his friends told him to go get my number. I made a B line for the car, Luckily he didn't catch up. I really didn't want to reject him in front of his friends. Well I'm off love you, K

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