Thursday, July 14, 2011


 My grandmother gave me this it's real Italian gold she's had it for over sixty years. I love it so much!!

 So I got some early birthday presents. If I see something I like I figure why should I wait I want it now. This pillow is from Ikea, I love that place.
 I got this rug there too. I love sheep skin rugs and throws.

 I bought these earrings myself.

 These scarfs were also given to me by my grandmother.

 The cardigan is a birthday present, I got it at the limited it was marked down.

 I love the flowers on it.
 Birthday present I got it at forever 21, it was $6.
 This thingy is really cool.

 It hangs in your closet and holds scarfs and things.
 I was in desperate need of some diamond earrings.
 This is a basket full of things that need to be ironed. Crazy I know.
My magazines came in the other day and I haven't had a chance to read them yet. I think I'll get to that tonight. Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday, Love K

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