Monday, July 25, 2011


 Today I decided to do my hair up with one of my new scarfs.
 I pinned the new brooch I made on it.
 Today there was no one around to take pictures of my outfit so I tried to do it myself. Its really hard to take good pictures in my house because we have really bad lighting.
 So this weekend was my cousin's birthday and she asked me to make her a cloth flower. So I went out to my work station and I found my cat sitting in my chair. She refused to move.
 The pattern is really easy you cut out seven petals altogether four big ones and three small ones.

 Stack them up starting with the big ones and sew them together in the middle. I got the design from Jones design company.
 I also made paper flowers for the box.
 I thought they needed a little color.

 My cat finally got tiered of sharing a chair and moved to the window seat.

 The finished product.

 So at the end of the day I curled up in front of the tv and painted my nails. The color is OPI sweet heart.

 I'm fixing to head to my warm bed with a good book.
Hope you all had a great Monday love you, K

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