Friday, July 22, 2011


 This is what I wore today.
 I changed into heels later on.
 I didn't make this flower it came with a dress I got the other day. I didn't like it on the dress so I took it off and hot glued a hair clip on it.
 But I did make this, from a pair of old earrings.

 and then I made this necklace type thing.

 I was playing around with paint and came up with this.

 I went to forever 21 and they were having a huge sale on shoes, so I got these. I love them!!
 This is the dress I got with the flower on it.

 I went and picked up some self tanner because I seem to be getting lighter and lighter.
 I had coffee with my good friend Beth today.
 It was so hot today. I almost couldn't stand it but I managed to stay outside long enough to take some pics.
This is my dog Butters I can never get a good picture of him because he's afraid of the camera. Hope you all had a good Friday. Love, K