Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is what I wore today.
 I love this dress I got it last year on clearance for $8.
 I tried to do a french braid but I think it looks more a like a fishtail It's hard to tell with curly hair.
 For some reason my dog isn't afraid of the camera today. He's usually petrified of it, strange very strange.

 I've made a lot of necklaces recently.

 This braided one is my favorite.

 This one I made a twisted flower for the base.

 Then I hot glued this old crescent moon brooch to it.
 and ta-da.
 These are my cousins the other day my mom and I went to visit them. They live about thirty minutes away so it not very far. When we were there we stopped at a HUGE goodwill I had never seen one that big before. I got two pairs of shoes and a sweater.

 All red tags were buy one get one free and so I got these little flats for FREE!

 I love the design on the these wedges .
The sweater is missing a button but it won't be hard to replace. I know it doesn't look so good in this pic but I promise it looks great on. Its been so hot this week, yesterday it was so hot that there was a chance that they would have to do a rolling blackout. fortunately that didn't happen. So I wake up today thinking it's going to be unbearably hot, but its not. Instead it warm with a nice breeze. Hope you all had a great Thursday love you, K

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